Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Growing up we all have aspirations. Usually many. But of all the DREAMS we have, there has to be ONE that sticks!
Sometimes God gives us a VISION - or a glimpse - of what He wants our lives to be. And then sometimes we cant see a thing! Its like a puzzle with a bunch of missing peices!
Do your "dreams" match up with what God has in mind for you? Do you dream of becoming an actress when God's vision for you may be, to be a teacher? Do your dreams line up with the Word of God? Do your dreams have you becoming all you can for Him? Or, do they have you chasing an ideal......fame, fortune, success according the world?
Its great to have ambitions! I suggest you set goals....I encourage you to be all you can be! Live to your full potential and all that!!! I believe you can be anything you want to be....But at what cost?
At the cost of forsaking the Will of God for your life?
Its possible for the Will of God to be the same as what we want.....BUT, in my OFTEN is NOT. Gods sees who we REALLY ARE. He has a specific plan for each one of our lives. We dont see ourselves the way He does. He tends to have a much higher opinion of us than we do. Which is nice =)
If we are'nt careful we'll sell ourselves short. Settle for so much less than we can be.
Maybe you think your dreams are out of your reach?
YOUR dreams may be, but God's dreams never are!
His vision for our lives is huge, we are the ones who diminish it.
He has a ministry and a mission for all of us.
So as you are setting your goals, dreaming your dreams, going about your life, remember to ALLOW God to direct your steps. He WILL pave the way for you. If you let Him.
A prayer I pray is this: " Order my steps according to your word, according to your will. Lead me and guide me everyday. Let my life be pleasing to you Lord, let my life praise you."
So if you're wondering how to go about allowing God to direct your steps, you could start with a simple prayer like that.

Tasha Shoemake