Saturday, October 18, 2008

Up and Running...for real this time!!!!

Its rather first, and last, post was in July! Its October!!!! I had all these great ideas, and inspiration....then I just ???? I don't know..flaked?
The plan is: This Sunday I will enlist the involvement of the girls, and get this blog up and running! Various girls will be posting, as well as Leah West, our Youth Pastor's Wife and co-teacher of the Teen Girls Class. (room 10) Along with me.

Since I posted the first few pictures we have completely revamped our DECOR!!! And if I must say so myself......Its AWESOME!!! Its all zebra-y ( not a real word) with fabric on the walls, pink feather boas trimming the ceiling and FABULOUS black chandeliers!!! I think Leah and I truly outdid ourselves!! hahaha!! It was brilliant, creative inspiration and we take full credit for it! Along with the girls who helped us paint. Thank you to: Audrey, Luisa, and Aseri. I think its wonderful.....for a CLASSROOM? You'd have to agree, right?
See for yourself in the new pics I posted. We now have couches, chairs, a 'shabby chic' coffee table and trendy little floor cushions...our goal is a "lounge" type of feel, in the end having none of those ugly brown church chairs! They are totally cramping our style! You cannot have ugly-not cute things in your classroom! We even have a pink vacuum! Yes .....I know...........exquisite!!!

Our class has grown from 6 (our first Sunday 3 years ago) to an average of 29. We are so crowded we are now breaking into double sessions in November. Exciting? Yes...Overwhelming? Yes again!! Especially since the growth is almost entirely from our bus. The BLUE BOMBER!!!!
Our church girls are easily outnumbered, so its requiring a lot of adaptability of all of us! Its a great challenge to be faced with.
Bridging the gap in Room 10,
Tasha Shoemake


**Felicia** said...

Whoo hoo!! Go Sunday school teachers!! I love our room, along with the teachers teaching in it! You 2 do the best job ever! I have been to church as a young child but never liked the Sunday school teachers enough to go to there room. But, you 2 are the best Sunday school teachers that I have ever had! Thank you! Moreover, great JOB on the room!!! :)