Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post submitted by Lydia Reyes

The negative fast

For me the negative fast has been a little bit hard. It just makes you do a lot of thinking, about what you are going to say and if you should say it. On the other hand I can be easy, if you just tell the truth. We all think that if we want to be positive we have to lie, you don’t have to lie to be positive you just have to tell the truth in a more positive way. That will help you to know how to be more positive in your everyday life and help you learn to hold your tongue. Also through out this experience we have to build people up when there down. Now that’s the hard part for me. Living with three brothers you all ways get into these battles on “who’s better” or “who’s got the better comebacks” just to tell you the one who walks away and says nothing is the real winner. Right before you tare someone down you think that you going to be victorious and when you actually do you feel horrible. You feel bad for them and you try to make them feel better, but you really don’t know how much damage you have actually caused. I personally think that the negative fast can and will help me break old bad habits and build greater nicer habits.

~Lydia Reyes


Lorrel said...

Great post Lydia, I really enjoyed

That pic. of you is really cute. :)